The Wrangell Garnet Ledge has been mined since the late 1800s; possibly even early by the Stikine Tlingits who may have used the garnets in trade.  While it has a long history and much has been written about the area for many years, there are two unique stories connected to the garnet ledge.

The first story is about the garnet ledge being owned and mined by the first all-woman corporation in the United States.  The Alaska Garnet Mining & Manufacturing Co. was owned by a group of women from Minnesota.

The second story is the unique situation that the children of Wrangell, Alaska own the garnet ledge “in trust.”  Originally it was dedeeded to the regional Boy Scount Council based in Juneau, Alaska. Several years ago the council decided that they could no longer meet the requirements of the deed and filed a “Quit Claim Deed” to the First Presbyterian Church of Wrangell.

Quite a story just in that the garnet ledge has been protected specifically for the children of Wrangell. This site has been created to tell a brief history of the garnet ledge and explain how the area is used and that it really is for the benefit of children; not adults.

Please bear with us as this site is under construction.